Tips For Finding Office Space in Park City

Consider a Few Points Before You Choose a Commercial Office Space in Park City. When a person thinks about starting a business, the first thing they need is a well-organized infrastructure. They consider occupying a office space park city to provide a professional office environment. If you too want a good professional environment, you should consider a commercial office space. These are available at the building agencies like technological parks and provide you numerous amenities. These are cost effective when compared to private buildings. Most of the people think that, these commercial buildings are more expensive than the private buildings. But, it is wrong; in private buildings, you have to bear with all the maintenance charges and there are many additional responsibilities.

In this competitive business world, running an enterprise is not a small deal. There are many challenges that you have to combat and also meet the organizational requirements to be the best in the industry. However, to start a new company, the first thing you should remember is to choose a good commercial space for your office. There are many things to look for before choosing the office space. Large multinational companies locate at the industrial lay outs of the city. Some may have branches at the main centre, and some companies may not have. If it is a small company, then choose the commercial office space in specialized areas.

You should follow some tips before selecting any office space. It is good to lease or rent the office space.

* Location: Choose the best location, which can benefit your business. Usually for a small business, you should choose the main centre so that the place gets noticed by the clients. You should also select the location according to your employees commuting prospective. These days, most of the people prefer technological parks, where they have all companies together in a big environment. Basically, these are managed by the business complexes or agencies and offer many amenities.

* Parking: These days all people prefer commuting by their own vehicles. Thus, it’s important that you look for a place, where there can be adequate parking space for your employees, partners and clients. Many people look for the safe place to park their vehicles, so it is important to choose the secure parking place for your office.

* Cost: Pricing is an important factor before you finalize any space. Thus, it’s vital that before deciding on a place, you should hire an attorney who can explain you about the agreement. It is better to have a legal adviser with you, when you sign the deal. There are many agencies, which can offer you cost effective office spaces.

* Amenities: These days, there are many business complexes that provide all the facilities that you want for your company. They offer amenities like a conference room, infrastructure, furnished office, and pantry area, lobby, meeting rooms, Wi-Fi or internet connections, telephonic equipment, server rooms, floor maintenance and many other things. These business centers offer all these amenities at very reasonable rates. These are the basic tips to take care of, before occupying a commercial space for your office..

You should consider all these factors when you look for a commercial office space in a building center. These are the essential guidelines to follow before occupying a workplace.


Commercial Real Estate Park City

When I think of the words “Commercial Real Estate Park City” a number of ideas come to mind. The first idea that comes to mind is that if I were in the market to buy commercial real estate in Park City, Utah I would most likely get in contact with a qualified real estate agency. I would want to find an agency to deliver an exceptional suite of specialized services and systems. I would want this agency to also provide a deep brokerage bench with a broad geographic reach. I would also want this agency to enable multi-market clients (like myself) to gain savings and efficiencies through their single provider service structure.

Moreover, I would want this agency to possess three specific qualities. The qualities I am looking for in a Park City commercial real estate agency are Confidence, Consistency and Culture. Allow me to explain exactly what I mean by these three words. First, by “Confidence” I mean I want an agency that will deliver meaningful value by providing the most creative and innovative services. Second, by “Consistency” I mean I want an agency with a business approach that puts the needs of the client (that is me) first and to always deliver what they promise. Finally, by “Culture” I mean I want an agency to value integrity, respect, collaboration and trust.

These are the ideas that come to my mind when I think of the words “Commercial Real Estate Park City.” These ideas come to my mind because these are the qualities I would want in a commercial real estate agency representing my interests in Park City, Utah. They are also the qualities I would venture to guess anyone would want in a commercial real estate agency either in Park City or anywhere else in the United States of America.


Park City’s Banksy Murals

Park City has a reputation for its many, unique, artistic details. One such detail is the statue of Emmet “Bud” Wright the skiing telephone line repair man from the 1920s. This statue is located at 528 Main Street. Another unique attraction amidst the downtown commercial real estate in Park City  consists of two murals painted by the famous street artist known as Banksy. The artist’s actual identity is a mystery. What is known about Banksy is that he is a graffiti artist, political activist and film director thought to live in the United Kingdom. His art is subversive and satirical in nature employing an easily recognizable stencil technique. His art has appeared on various streets, walls, and bridges in many cities throughout the world including numerous cities in England, New Orleans, New York, Melbourne and even Gaza.


As I mentioned above, Banksy painted two pieces in Park City. These pieces were painted in connection with the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 which featured a documentary film about his work. One of these murals is better known and easier to find. The second is a little more obscure. The better known mural features a cameraman making a movie of a flower he appears to have ripped out of the ground. This mural can be found on a wall near the coffee shop called Java Cow located at 402 Main Street. The second and more difficult to find mural features a haloed and winged young boy in a baseball cap and jacket who appears to be offering a prayer to a can of paint. Like Banksy’s identity, just what this young man is praying remains a mystery. This second mural can be found near the steps of a garage located at 537 Main Street amidst the downtown commercial real estate of Park City.


Ski Mountains Near Park City Utah

One of the many aspects of Park City that makes its commercial real estate so attractive is the city’s proximity to two world class ski resorts; Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort.

Park City Mountain Resort

Park City Mountain Resort is the combination of two formerly separate ski resorts, Park City and Canyons Resort. After their merger, the two areas created the largest ski area in the United States with a total of 7,300 acres of skiable area and 314 different runs. The runs range in difficulty and can accommodate skiers of all abilities from beginner to expert. Night skiing is also available on some runs. Park City Mountain Resort is probably best known as a venue for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The resort hosted events including, men’s and women’s giant slalom and snowboarding. Summer activities at Park City Mountain Resort include zip-lining and an alpine slide.

Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley Resort is smaller than Park City but is considered by many to offer a more luxurious experience. One way in which Deer Valley creates this more upscale package is by restricting daily ticket sales to prevent overcrowding. The resort also provides a greater lift capacity than its competition in order to minimize the time its patrons have to wait on line. Deer Valley also has more trail grooming equipment than Park City Mountain Resort to keep its 101 different runs in pristine working condition. These runs range in difficulty from beginner to expert creating a total skiable area of 2,026 acres. Unlike Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley Resort does not have night skiing and does not allow snowboarding on any of its runs. The resort also served as an event venue during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games hosting freestyle moguls and aerials as well as the men’s and women’s slalom.


Park City Utah – A Healthy Place to Live and Work

In 2013 Park City Utah was named the “Best Town Ever” by Outside Magazine because it is a place where it is most easy to live a healthy lifestyle. Not surprisingly, a major determining factor in this analysis is the abundance of outside activities available to the denizens and visitors of Park City. Close in proximity to Park City are three word class ski mountains including The Canyons, Deer Valley and Park City. Once the snow has cleared the scenic beauty of the approximately 500,000 pristine wilderness acres surrounding Park City can be enjoyed by hiking, climbing, backpacking, camping, fishing and mountain biking. All told, there are over 370 miles of trails surrounding Park City and the Provo River provides access to blue ribbon trout fishing.

The city itself also factored into Outside Magazine’s determination that Park City is the “Best Town Ever.” For one thing Park City is home to an Olympic training center built in 2002 when nearby Salt Lake City hosted the Winter Olympic Games. Many Olympic athletes continue to live and train in Park City because of these facilities. Park City is only 20 minutes away from Salt Lake City making it an easy destination to travel to. There is also a free bus system making travel within city limits convenient and cost effective. Park City is also home to the Sundance Film Festival drawing nearly 50,000 visitors to the area every January to see independent films.

The citizens and visitors of Park City tend to be more liberal politically than the rest of the red state in which it is located. One example of the city’s liberal politics is the relatively relaxed liquor laws within the city limits.

One drawback to Park City is the high price of real estate. By some estimates housing is 60% higher in Park City than the national average. But the high price of residential and commercial real estate in Park City only serves to further illustrate how attractive a destination it is.


The Sundance Film Festival

One of the great yearly attractions in Park City, Utah is the Sundance Film Festival. Every January this 10 day event is the most attended independent film showcase in the USA showing more than 100 films to over 40,000 people. The festival is attended by celebrities, movie industry executives and lucky members of the general public who are able to purchase tickets.

Originally chaired by Robert Redford, the first incarnation of the Sundance Film Festival took place in Salt Lake City in 1978 and under the name “Utah/US Film Festival.” Among the films shown at this first festival were A Streetcar Named Desire starring Marlon Brando and Deliverance starring Burt Reynolds. The festival moved to Park City in 1981 and was renamed the Sundance Film Festival in 1991 after The Sundance Kid, a character famously portrayed by Robert Redford in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in 1969.

The Sundance Film Festival has been the vehicle to launch many now famous independent directors to prominence. Notable independent directors receiving their start at Sundance include Quentin Tarantino with his movie Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and Kevin Smith for his movie Clerks in 1994. In recent years many other independent films showcased at the Sundance Film Festival have gone on to mainstream success including Whiplash in 2014 which was subsequently nominated for Best Film Editing, Best Sound Mixing and Best Supporting Actor (J.K. Simmons) at the Academy Awards.

The Sundance Film Festival is one of many attractions that draw tourism to Park City adding by some estimates $80,000,000 to the local economy annually. Tourism, including skiing and other outdoor activities has been the mainstay of the Park City economy since the 1990s. Prior to this, mining was the main economic force in the area. But it is tourism that now makes commercial real estate in Park City such a hot commodity. (public domain image)

To Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate? What to Consider (public domain image)

If you are in the process of acquiring commercial real estate in Park City you probably have consideredthe question of whether to buy or to lease. Arriving at the answer to this question is a complex process as there are many competing variables to consider.

Initial Transaction

The decision to buy or lease might be affected by the ease of the initial transaction. Generally speaking, the lease process from beginning to end is much faster. Moreover the credit requirements are lower for leasing than buying and therefore easier to qualify for. Leasing typically requires less upfront cash than buying a property. Certainly the availability of liquid cash is a heavy consideration when operating a business and it is important to consider whether the cash used to purchase a property might be better invested in other areas of the operation.

After The Transaction

Once the initial transaction has been completed, two main considerations come into play that should be weighed when deciding whether to lease or to buy. These considerations are cost and control.

Cost: When renting commercial real estate the rent itself can fluctuate from lease to lease depending on the market. Whereas the year to year cost of owning a property tends to be more stable. Renters are generally not responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs but owners are. In the long run it is generally cheaper to buy commercial real estate than to rent but it is difficult to know whether aproperty will be suitable for a particular business for an extended period of time.

Control: Renters generally have less control than buyers. Renters have less control over repairs, maintenance and the ability to expand or make other improvements to the property. Conversely, buyers of commercial real estate will maintain this control. Renters are at the mercy of the landlord who can choose to not renew the lease after the term expires. On the other hand renters may find it easier to relocate than buyers if the location proves to be less than ideal.

Equity and Tax Implications

Over time a buyer will gain equity in a property. Renters will not. Renters can generally deduct the cost of rent from their taxes as a business expense. Buyers can generally deduct property depreciation and mortgage interest. Taxes, however, are not entirely predictable. Municipal, state and federal taxes can all go up based on a number of factors which may have a greater impact on a buyer.

The decision to buy or lease property is complicated and the future is certainly unpredictable to a large degree. However it is important to consider these factors before making the decision in order to optimize chances for a positive outcome.


Thinking About Moving to Park City? Here’s What It’s Like to Live Here!

Park City, Utah is located right in the middle of Wasatch Mountains. It’s not only a great place to spend your holidays in, but it also offers all the opportunities and conveniences that all major cities provide.

The history behind Park City


Many people think of Park City, Utah as being a place of strong Mormons presence, with not much tolerance for a good beer or a good whiskey. This is simply not true. This town was founded by miners, where there were more bars and brothels than pharmacies or stores.

When Mormons made the attempt to bring morals and ethics to the village, miners dramatically and violently aborted that intention. They burned churches and expelled the Mormons.


Whether you’re coming to Park City to spend some time with your family and friends, or you’re planning on moving to the city permanently, we have great hotels and homes for all tastes and budgets. Park City real estate is booming and we’ve been selling holiday and residential homes on a regular basis.

The nightlife


The city has an exciting and enjoyable nightlife. Be sure to visit the No Name Saloon, whose slogan says it all: “Helping our customers forget their name since 1903”. The culture of good whiskey is in the High West Distillery, located in a historic garage, transformed into brewery and restaurant.

Great shopping malls

Another great thing about Park City is shopping in both fine and well decorated premises of the Main Street, and the Tanger Outlet Mall. All the big brands are in Park City, and with great prices as well.

Golf and skiing


Park City is also a region where golf comes across as important as skiing in winter. There are 12 clubs, six of which are open to the public, all well-groomed and with an extraordinary landscape. Some of them have been designed by two icons of the sport, such as Jack Nicklaus and Palmer Harnold.

So remember that Park City is no longer just a winter destination. It’s a great and fun place to visit or live in all seasons.

Make sure you also visit the typical old mining town of the Old West, transformed into a city where you can notice the good taste, culture and the love they have for their inhabitants.


3 Simple Steps to Find Great Real Estate Investing Opportunities

Investing in real estate seems to be on a high and many people want to jump in on the bandwagon. This is exactly what we’re seeing with real estate in Park City. However, real estate investments can be a bit of a challenge, especially for investors who are just starting out in the scene.

Similarly, it can also poses as a challenge to seasoned investors, as investing in properties is different from investing in stocks and bonds.

Real estate investing is not rocket science, so no matter how overwhelming it seems, you can be a success in the real estate business by minimizing risks while maximizing returns. With real estate, you could build your wealth safely if you do it correctly.

Central to being successful is preparing for this new venture. Once you have a working knowledge of the market, you will be ready to start with your transactions.

Of course, you need to spot great opportunities that would land you amazing deals. How exactly do you do that? Here are some quick tips…

1. Do your homework


Read, read and read. There are numerous online articles and real estate investment books, even audio books that are readily available for you, if you would only bother to locate them. I cannot emphasize enough how important research is in the real estate business.

If you wish to find really good opportunities to invest in, then you have to be keen-eyed about spotting opportunities. Watch out for trends by looking at how the market is performing. You cannot just jump in on investing without knowing what is going on.

2. Connect with other real estate investors


You can do this by joining a real estate club in your area. If you do not know where to start, a quick Google search can help iron out that problem for you.

By joining these clubs, you get to talk not just with other investors, but also with other professionals in the business – brokers, realtors and even home repair service providers. By networking with these experts, you can get a wealth of advice about investing in properties and many opportunities to spot great deals.

There are also groups that offer real estate courses that you can join in order to broaden your knowledge and your skills in sniffing out opportunities. Unable to find a club to join? Then you might want to consider joining online investing forums.

3. Seek out a great real estate agent


Not all realtors are good at helping out investors. Therefore, you should find an agent who is able not only to find good properties to invest in, but is also ready to help you, a beginning investor. There are many realtors who claim to be experts in the business but do not really deliver on their promises.

However, there are really great real estate agents who are experienced in the field. They do not only have an excellent track record selling properties; they also have a great understanding of concepts like return of investment, debt service and net operating income.

If you want more tips be sure to check out this amazing video by Rev N You with Real Estate on YouTube:

Investing in real estate takes work. But it can be smooth-sailing if you know what you are doing; it can even be fun once you see your investments paying off. By spotting great opportunities, you are taking the first step toward gaining your real estate investment returns.


4 Reasons to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

Thinking of the best property investment but not sure about the kind of property to invest in? There are basically two kinds of property: residential and commercial.

Residential properties refer to rental apartments or single-family homes, while commercial properties are spaces leased for businesses. Investing in residential properties is considered less risky, but commercial properties are looked upon as safer in terms of their potential to generate cash flow.

We constantly receive calls from investors and buyers from all over the United States, looking for more information on commercial real estate in Park City. We’re a small city for sure, but investors seem to love our commercial properties.

So today we want to give you four great reasons to invest in commercial real estate by looking at some of its advantages.

Earning potential

Commercial properties have higher returns on investment compared to residential properties. Business properties yield higher than residential properties, for the reason that they are larger, can be found in more central locations and offer more extensive services than residential properties.

Rise in value

Commercial property renters have the flexibility to rent their properties to pay the operating costs and then to sell them later for huge amounts of profit. Commercial properties appreciate in value more than residential properties do, provided that the economy is sailing smoothly.

Flexible lease terms

Commercial property owners have fewer laws and regulations to face in terms of leasing, unlike residential property owners who have to follow many state laws. Commercial properties are also subject to triple net leases, where the only thing the owner needs to pay for is the mortgage; the lessee pays for the rest of the expenses like taxes and maintenance.

Professional connections

Owners of commercial properties deal with businesses, so they can build good professional relationships that can widen their network.

Now, there are obviously some risks associated with this type of investment. After all, it is just like any other investment that you can make, but we truly believe that the advantages outweigh the shortcomings of commercial real estate investing.

But we’d like to hear from you… What do you prefer? Commercial or Residential? Or do you avoid real estate properties at all costs? Let us know below!