The 2018 International Yodeling Convention will take place at Yotelpad Park City later in the year according to the Park City Sothebys Blog sources. This event will be nothing short of a veritable venue of vibrato to echo across the mountainsides from Park City all the way to Deer Valley and beyond. Visitors should expect a whole lot of lederhosen and libation as the convention goers belt out their Alpine anthems for all to hear.

Why Was Yotelpad Chosen For This Venue?

One might reasonably inquire as to why this particular venue was chosen for this particular event. Why not (for example) a convention center or a hotel in the Alpine Mountains where this form of music originally found its genesis? The answer to these (and similar) questions is simple. This particular venue was chosen for its efficient use of space and its affordability. You see (gentle reader) Yotelpad is unique in that it combines luxury with efficiency as well as proximity to fun and exciting activities. Let us address these points one at a time.

First of all, Yotelpad employs an efficient use of space through the use of convertible furniture and movable walls. This allows living space by day to convert to sleeping quarters by night. In turn, this makes the space more affordable and therefore can be enjoyed by more people. To counter balance the smaller space, social areas are emphasized where the residents of Yotelpad can congregate and enjoy each other’s company. Finally, the living space is located right on the mountain, thus eliminating the cost and hassle of commuting to the place its residents want to be. It is win, win, win for all concerned.

So why then was Yotelpad Park City chosen to be the 2018 International Yodeling Convention venue? It is for no other reason than … (cue large mountain horn).