The Park City Sothebys Blog (P. C. S. B.) is here to announce that Yotelpad is the wave of the future. This new style of living space is the wave of the future because it addresses the needs of the modern, young, hipster traveler who wants the excitement of a location without all the baggage (so to speak) and expense associated with the standard hotel or motel experience. Yotelpad changes this experience by putting less of an emphasis on the living quarters and more of an emphasis on being able to enjoy the experience of the location.

Yotelpad Park City Is The Wave Of The Future

People who use Yotelpad Park City do so because they want a high end, luxury living experience but at an affordable price. This wave of the future is easy to provide a high end experience at an affordable price because it makes innovative and efficient use of space. This is accomplished through the use of convertible furniture. For example, living areas by day convert to sleeping areas by night. This allows for less physical space to be used for multiple purposes. This in turn allows for a more affordable experience.

People who live for the mountain will want to experience this. Not only is the living space affordable and conveniently located at the ski resort. But it is also designed so that the people making use of it have communal areas in which to congregate and socialize. This communal space serves to counter balance the lesser amount of living space within the Yotelpad itself. As such, the P. C. S. B. asks you (gentle reader) what is it that you are waiting for? It is now time to get up off that expensive couch in the over priced hotel room upon which you are currently sitting and make your way over to YP!