As an affordable University in the state of Utah, Weber State University is a place where many students come each year to have their dream degree.  The students graduate from this University have a minimum to no financial obligation due to the low university fees and available federal scholarships. Weber State Housing alternatives are there at the Weber State University. Nonetheless, having an appropriate in the nearby areas of the University may not be a very easy task, particularly for the international students.

The time has come to start a new season with the University and students enrolling with the hope of a brighter future. Sometimes it becomes quite difficult to get the ideal housing at the Weber State University. For many, it is not feasible to secure accommodation on campus and Harrison Heights can have the solution. Proximity to lecture halls is one of the major factors for students preferring to have on campus stay. You can come and attend lectures at your convenience and get back to your room quickly. But, for those who could not have campus housing, the nearest possible private homes are provided by the Harrison Heights. It is now simple to attend your preferred lectures from the apartments of Harrison Heights. You can reach the lecture halls by simply walking a few minutes from any of the private living places provided by us.

At Harrison Heights, we are dedicated to offering you the most affordable and quality Weber State University Housing for the students at suitable locations. Our apartments are simply at a walking distance from the main campus. You can have all the living comfort with single, double, multiple sharing facilities. All the apartments are spacious and the roof height is good. For more comfort, the bathrooms and showers are made immaculately. A number of our houses are furnished with a fully functional kitchen, home fitness space, hi-tech laundry service, etc. All of the available rooms are completely furnished and students may have beddings for a lease.

It is possible to have an arrangement of rooms as per your convenience. There is a dedicated area for wardrobe in all the rooms. There is an individual closet in the shared rooms. We have recently renovated the rooms and laminated the floors. The countertops are fitted with granites while every house has a common living area fitted with HDTV (for shared apartments) and the fiber-optic bandwidth and Apple television connections. In addition, you may have your own seating arrangements and refrigerator.

In the shared apartments, there are individual shower areas, enabling all of you to get ready simultaneously to attend the lectures. There is an abundance of storage spaces (drawers and shelves) in the house to distribute your belongings. You do not have to keep everything in your room and make it crowded with the staffs.  You can control the thermostats from your room to keep its temperature according to your comfort. The automated lighting arrangement in common areas will switch on and off the lights when you enter or leave a specific area.

We have rooms for virtually any budget with a smaller restroom and kitchen areas. You can also expect flats for international students. You will not have to worry about anything as everything will be organized by us. The homes are designed to provide privacy to every occupant and your friends will love to have the parties at your place. The accommodations are in the perfect location near to the University and the supermarkets and it will surplus your expectations. It is possible to live as a single occupant or select roommate size according to your financial allowance. The apartments are located in the localities which are safe.

As we offer both private and shared apartments and rooms for students in the same building there is no shortage of like-minded people around you. As a result, you will have all the possibilities to get social. You will make friends of both sexes easily while staying at our house.  You will get to befriend with international students and overall it will be a great experience of learning, sharing and adjusting to different cultures. You will have an awesome time at Harrison Heights with the number of inexpensive housing options available in the vicinity of the Weber State University.

Many thanks for visiting our site and we are wishing you a wonderful stay at Weber State University.